About this Event

Worker Co-operatives have operated for over a century in the United States and Canada. Although still relatively small compared with other major co-operative sectors, the worker co-op movement is constantly growing. Worker co-ops demonstrate every day the potential of this alternative form of collective entrepreneurship, particularly in these challenging economic times for workers.

However, the development of the worker co-operative movement in North America was built without significant collaboration among the different federations of worker co-operatives which have been established in different regions.

For the first time, members of worker co-operatives from all regions of North America are invited to meet together and share their experiences. This event will bring together members of the US Federation of Worker Co-ops, the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation, and several worker co-op federations in Quebec.

This Conference will provide an opportunity to:

This continental solidarity among worker co-ops will be manifested publicly at this Conference by two major actions of North American worker co-op federations:

The North American Worker Co-operative Conference 2011 is a historic event not to be missed!

Featured presenters include:

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